Dr. Reema Kashiva

Written Testimonial

PATIENT’S NAME: Animesh Swain

I was admitted to Noble Hospital and found it amazing. Especially would like to thanks Dr. Rohit Luthra who operated me and Dr. Reema Kashiva for her approach, counseling and treatment was mindblowing.
I thank the entire team on Noble Hospital, Pune and highly recommend it……

PATIENT’S NAME: Animesh Swain

I visited Noble Hospital for my uncontrolled sugars, so I began my treatment under Dr. Reema Kashiva my sugar got controlled in 3 months. I am very grateful to Dr. Reema Kashiva and the whole group of Noble Hospital.

letter of appreciation from Principal of Leelawati College

PATIENT’S NAME : Surbhi Dixit

PATIENT’S NAME : Mr. Machidra Dhonde

PATIENT’S NAME : Mr. Runu Porel

PATIENT’S NAME : Mr. Prashant Beniwal

“Hello Dr. Reema,
I am Prashant Beniwal resident of Laburnum and I visited Noble Hospital on Monday morning with both my father and mother who were not well especially my father.

You may not remember us as you have lot of patients but his name is Jagdish Beniwal and he is diabetic and was suffering with serious chest infection along with various other medical issues. It was really an amazing feeling to see the way you talked to us and gave the confidence that he can be healed for which I had personally lost all hopes.

I wanted to updated you that he is feeling much better now and I have no words to thank you but as I could not message you because I do not have your mobile number so sending this mail. I tired meeting you personally in afternoon yesterday and today at Noble Hospital but you were busy so you assistant could not give time and I had to leave due to immediate office work.

I am planning to visit you on this Saturday along with my wife at Noble hospital and have already taken an appointment for the same but I thought of sharing this thanks note ahead of my visit as I am deeply indebted to you for how you handled my father’s case and gave us time in spite of your busy schedule.

I believe doctors like you are rare based on my recent experience with few doctors. And I think before being a good doctor you need to be a good human being and you are living example of it. Thanks again for all your support and the confidence that you gave me that my father can have a healthy life based on your positive words.

Prashant Beniwal”

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