Dr. Reema Kashiva


Various blood tests are available to diagnose diabetes. Fasting and 2hours after lunch blood glucose levels are commonly done. Hb1Ac test can help to check long-term control of diabetes.
People with diabetes can initially manage blood sugar by changing lifestyle, diet and exercise. However, not all diabetics would control sugar by lifestyle modification but would need medication in the form of tablets.Good control of diabetes is essential to reduce the risk of diabetes complications.
  • Check your height and weight and make sure that your weight is in proportion to your height.
  • Simple formula for ideal weight is height in centimetres – 100. So, if your height is 160 cm, your weight should be 160 – 100 =60 kg
  • Try to get your weight to ideal body weight by changing your lifestyle and diet.

There isn’t one simple answer to this question. It depends on things such as:

  • The type of you use (fast-acting, premixed, etc.)
  • How much and what type of food you eat
  • How much exercise you get
  • Other health conditions you have
  • The type of delivery system (such as shots, pump, or inhaler) you use
The most common side effects are low blood sugar and weight gain. Ask your doctor what others you might have, and what to do if you get them.
The major ones include:
  • Low blood sugar
  • Weight gain when you first start using it
  • Lumps or scars where you’ve had too many injections
  • Rash at the site of injection or, rarely, over your entire body
With inhaled, there’s a chance that your lungs could tighten suddenly if you have asthma or the lung disease COPD.
  • Non-healing wounds- chronic non-healing ulcers over few months or years
  • Osteomyelitis- infection of the underlying bone
  • Amputation – removal of a toe and some part of a foot or leg may be necessary to salvage the limb or sometimes life also.
Hence, regular checks, Proper footwear and awareness about the complications of diabetic neuropathy are keys to success in prevention and treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy.
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