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Nutrition Specialist- Dr. Nikita Jitkar

Dr. Nikita Jitkar MSc (Nutrition & Dietetics ) Specialised Nutritionist in Diabetes & Obesity and also specialised in nutritionist for diet and weight management.
Dr. Nikita Jitkar provide you keen and precise assistance in your weight loss goal. She is the mentor dietician and her valuable knowledge and counseling have helped many people to achieve better health standards. She is a motivational speaker and due to her humble inspiration, many people have lost their unwanted kilos and living a healthy and motivated life. She has been evolved as an expert dietician.
She loves to try different varieties of food & different combos that give out new flavors. Loving food is easy & we all know that we need food for survival. She believes by implementing the right corrections in diet i.e by regulating what we eat & moderating your proportions with the right knowledge of nutrition we can simply reduce unwanted extra kilos. Dietitian Nikita Jitkar does not prefer any artificial diet and supplements and she also provides various recipes of healthy foods. A balanced diet with proper nutrition can change a person’s.
She believes in a simple and practical method with a holistic approach for a healthful living and long term lifestyle changes. Eating mindlessly or being too slim by eating less, is not appreciated by her.

Dr. Nikita Jitkar, 

 MSc (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Her revered motto is “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU.”

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